Throughout its history, AMG’s predecessor companies have advanced metallurgical-based technologies to provide innovative solutions for industrial challenges. AMG Aluminum continues that proud tradition today.

The success of the aluminum industry is dependent on alloys that, for example, reduce automobile weight, promote forming for various products such as aluminum beverage cans, and increase the performance of electric transmission cables. AMG Aluminum’s development of grain refiners and master alloys has helped facilitate these innovations. Our global research and development facilities in the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom have been an integral part to our customers’ successes.

From the earth’s crust to a red slurry and then white powder to a shiny piece of commercially pure metal, aluminum’s journey finds its way into our daily lives, from the car we drive to the electricity that enters our homes and businesses. From beverage cans to sports and leisure equipment to aircraft and electronic equipment, the life-cycle restarts with the recycling back to the shiny metal. AMG Aluminum’s products are used in several stages of the life cycle of aluminum. We provide grain refiners and master alloys used during melting and casting of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

AMG Aluminum’s Corporate Technology Center is located in Henderson, Kentucky. The facility has a fully equipped laboratory to conduct chemical, metallographic, and mechanical property analysis of master alloys, grain refiners, and specialty alloys. In addition, an experimental foundry has the capability to cast small batches of special alloys for customer evaluation trials.

AMG Aluminum’s R&D project portfolio consists of a number of research programs that are directed at creating high value-added innovative products to grow global markets as well as process improvements to lower manufacturing costs.