1912 Companhia Industrial Fluminense (CIF) is founded in the city of Niterói (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil.

1938 London and Scandinavian Metallurgical Co. Limited (LSM UK) is formed in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England as a metal alloy production facility with production commencing in 1940.

1950 The Kawecki Chemical Company, which will eventually become KB Alloys (KBA), is formed in Boyertown, PA, USA and begins the manufacture of potassium zirconium fluoride and potassium titanium fluoride, chemical compounds used by the aluminum industry at the time.

1954 LSM UK establishes its aluminum department using induction furnaces to melt aluminum to produce master alloys and TiBAl® grain refiners in waffle plate and ingot form for the aluminum industry.

1955 Several of KBA’s customers suggest that a metallurgical grain refiner to replace the chemical compounds would be an important improvement. The company develops TITAL® and TIBOR® and begins production following the installation of electric furnace melting facilities.

1959 KBA introduces high concentration hardener alloys.

1967 KBA’s Wenatchee plant begins production, supplying grain refiners and alloying agents to the aluminum industry in the Pacific Northwest.

1969 After purchasing the Carandaí River Hydroelectric Plant in Minas Gerais (which is still in operation and supplies more than 100% of the factory’s demand), LSM Brasil moves its industrial facilities to São João del Rei, MG, Brazil.

1969 KBA develops the rod form of grain refiners TIBOR® and TITAL®. This form makes possible the continuous inoculation of aluminum heats external to the furnace.

1975 KBA completes a fully integrated aluminum master alloy rod production plant at Wenatchee, WA, USA, the largest of its type in the world producing grain refining rod using a continuous process.

1978 Production of grain refining rod TiBAl® at LSM UK changes to a continuously cast/rolled route.

1979 Ground is broken for a new KBA facility in Henderson County, KY, USA, for the production of aluminum master alloys.

1983 LSM UK patents a range of alloying tablets marketed under the brand name ALTAB®.

1984 In response to customer needs, KBA develops and introduces 5% Boral® in the AlB2 structure for reduced furnace sludge buildup.

1985 After initiating technical and manufacturing know-how in the early 1980’s, LSM Brasil begins production of aluminum master alloys in São João del Rei, MG, Brazil after acquisition and installation of equipment.

1988 KBA builds a Technology Center at the Henderson County facility to provide new product and process development and technical support to the market.

1989 KBA announces the development and patent of a new class of aluminum grain refiners based on the titanium carbon system, TICAR®.

1997 Safeguard International acquires the assets of Metallurg, Inc., which include LSM UK and CIF.

2000 A new continuous Properzi caster and rolling rod mill is installed putting LSM UK at the forefront of TiBAl® grain refining technology.

2004 Conform rod equipment is installed at LSM Brasil for production of specialty alloys in rod form.

2006 AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group (AMG) is formed by Safeguard International.

2007 AMG becomes a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE Euronext Stock Exchange.

2008 LSM (Jiaxing) Co. Ltd. is formed by LSM UK in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China, and begins production of ALTAB® alloying tablets.

2009 Expansion and modernization of the Carandaí Hydroelectric Plant in Brazil, with new capacity to generate 4.3MW of electricity, allows LSM Brasil to be self-sufficient for its electricity needs.

2009 CIF splits into two legal entities: CIF Mineração S.A. (tantalum mining) and LSM Brasil S.A.

2010 KBA establishes a joint venture, Nanjing Yunhai KB Alloys Co. Ltd., with Nanjing Welbow Metals Co., Ltd. in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.

2011 AMG purchases KB Alloys from Code Hennessy & Simmons.

2011 AMG Aluminum is formed by combining the aluminum activities of KB Alloys, LSM UK, and LSM Brasil with headquarters in Wayne, PA, USA.

2012 LSM Brasil celebrates its centennial. KB Alloys is renamed AMG Aluminum North America. AMG Aluminum UK Limited is formed.